Living a Fulfilled Life

A fulfilled life does not happen by accident! A fulfilled life is one who has released all that God put into that life to benefit the human race! The potentials within have been discovered, developed and deployed to bring maximum value added to humanity. Purpose accomplished! Assignment fulfilled!

God”s gift to us is the life given to us; our gift to Him is what we do with that life! A fulfilled life is lived intentionally!

There are laws that govern every aspect of our being. We can observe the principles and laws through circumstances that are repeated throughout history. The laws require a force for them to be operational! The law of gravity needs the force of gravity. Where there is zero gravity the law does not operate. Some spiritual laws also require the force of faith. Mental or soulish laws require the force of habit or repetition.

Natural laws require natural forces! Spiritual laws require spiritual forces activated by spiritual practises. For example I see a law that says whenever we are open to the realm of the spirit in prayer, that realm responds to us, in the book of Acts we see Peter going to pray as he saw a vision and heard a voice, Cornelius the centurion too got visited in the time of prayer by an angel. Is there a principle here or a law? Their prayers seem to activate divine intervention in the book of Acts! I believe we can expect the same God to do similar things in our times. All through the book we see God”s power moving on behalf of His people when they prayed!

We need to engage all our faculties in the way God ordained them, not in the way we have been trained through our nurture and environment and our educational system! Our creative faculties (heart) have been programmed to create our world as we are experiencing it! (Whatever we carry in our imagination long enough will become an experiential reality in our lives). It will work for sins as well as anything Godly! We can cast down imaginations using the weapons of our warfare! 2 Cor. 10:3-5. Thoughts, imaginations, high things can be seen in the mind and can influence the entire life of the person. Words paint pictures, our minds carry images. Understanding happens when fresh information finds a fitting flow in the imaging going on inside us!

Words carry faith or unbelief, love or hatred, fear or confidence. How do we use them? Prov.18:22. God said and it came to pass! Jesus said You will have what you say! Mark 11:22-26.

Four things are necessary for living a fulfilled life; they are Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit.

Knowledge: this is the basis for Wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing, get wisdom! Wisdom is the wise application of knowledge. Acquiring knowledge is the basis for developing wisdom!

A wise person knows when and how to make exceptions to the rule, how to improvise and use moral skills in the service of the right aim. Wise people grow through trial and error but go on doing what is right!

Attitude: We need to allow different perspectives to affect our attitude to life, to ourselves and to the circumstances in our lives. Half full and half empty! Both describe the same thing! Your attitude is a function of your thoughts, actions and expectations.

Skills: This is the know-how for what needs to be done. The more we improve our skills, the more we develop in our abilities to get results! We need to be deliberate in developing skills in all areas we need them. Skill development takes time effort, and focus! Skills can be developed through reading, practise and reviewing efforts for improvement.

Habit: This is what we do repeatedly. This where our programming regulates us. If we can repeatedly do any activity for 21 days, it is possible to develop a habit! Right habits need to be cultivated. Your habits form the horse that is taking you into your future. Identify five things you can do that can lead to the fulfilment of your dream. Do those things daily!

Examples are Daniel and Joseph! They fulfilled God”s purposes for their lives despite what they went through.

What are the things that can stop us from living a fulfilled life?

1. Unbelief in God and what He has created us to be!

2. Reacting to issues instead of responding.

3. Low self-esteem, poor self-image leading to not analysing and learning from our experiences.

4. Unwillingness to pay the right price! There is a price-tag for a fulfilled life!

There is a price to pay, a position to take for the privileges to be enjoyed! Be seed-minded, and seek to always pay the right price by developing the right habits (both spiritually and socially) and acquiring the right skills with the right attitudes and watch yourself live a fulfilled life.

Fulfilment happens when we fulfil what we were put on earth for, when our potentials are maximised, when we are enjoying what we are doing on the way to where we are going; We have learnt contentment along with hard work; We have learnt humility through the things we have suffered; We are willing to give our best to what God has called us to do even when people around do not seem to appreciate the things we do; We have learnt to add value to others no matter what we are going through. Above all, we have learnt the attitude of gratitude in life!- Rev. Kola Ewuosho

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