Everything in God has a purpose. God is a God of  purpose. He does nothing without purpose in mind. Purpose is the reason for being. It is the original intent in the heart of the manufacturer; in this case in the heart of the Creator. Every created being is created with a purpose to fulfill. Our time on earth has been given to us to fulfill the Creator’s purpose. When the time for a thing is ripe, He makes everything beautiful in its time.

So three things exist; purpose, time and vision.

Vision is the revelation of purpose. It is a possibility given all the factors in life and having insight into God’s purposes coupled with a determination to see God’s intention fulfilled in life. Since God is a God of purpose, it follows that the revelation of His purpose (which we call vision) is the surest way to walk with God and see His power work on our behalf.

When a man wakes up to Vision he wakes up to divine intervention in his life. God conceals a matter and it is the honor of kings to search it out. When vision is revealed it gives direction and challenges purposeful living. The Bible says the people cast off restraint when there is no vision (Proverbs 29:18). Other translations say that where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint, or they perish. When life is lived without any restraining force of vision, the carelessness and eventual wastefulness that accompanies that kind of life is considered to be perishing. Perishing is seen when a life has no focus or direction. The prophetic revelation of God’s purposes is one of the greatest stabilizers in a human life.

There should be no more strife or competition to outsmart another person as you are as unique as God’s vision for you. Nobody has your peculiar flavor; the combination of your experience, exposure and gifting cannot be matched anywhere else. Vision helps you to take your place in God. Your pursuit of vision is your pursuit of meaning in life. Your vision from God is to be accomplished in the time frame God has allocated.

God’s vision is so great that no human being can fully handle it all. God’s vision to bring the children of Israel out of bondage was spearheaded by Moses but could not be contained by him alone. He needed Joshua to fight the battles while he prayed and Aaron and Hur held up his hands while Bezaleel and others built the tabernacle of Moses. We have equated vision that one person receives as the totality of God’s plans and purposes. We should always learn to respect and receive the portion others receive of God’s overall purpose so that we can be built up.

The reason for jealousy in the Body today is a lack of understanding of how God’s vision works out on the earth. Every vision will go through a process as we are all being prepared for what God has prepared for us. In every given house there can be only one vision. Two visions will lead to di-vision.

Moses had a vision and everyone drank into the vision of Moses. As the vision matured in the people like Joshua, they began to discover their God-given portion in the same vision. Joshua had to get involved with the grace upon Moses to carry out his portion of the vision. This principle should prevail in every house that God builds.

Every God-given vision will go through process:

Stage 1the receiving stage. You receive a vision, a revelation or understanding of purpose.

Stage 2opposition or rejection. The rejection phase can be long or short but it will always be there. It is all part of the process.

Stage 3: is the dying stage when it looks like this can never be. When you embrace God’s vision for your life you will be preserved for its fulfillment.

Stage 4: is the testing stage. You will be tried and your response will determine the outcome. This is usually the longest of stages before the actual fulfillment. The Word of God will try you and expose whatever is inside you. Everything in the Kingdom of God must pass through God’s process to be proved, tested and established. Now the enemy means it for destruction but God will work out his will if you stay true to Him and allow uprightness of heart to prevail in you. The reason for a lot of Ishmael visions is that we allow human ideas to prevail in the fulfillment of God’s will like Abraham and Sarah did.

Stage 5: The death process of the vision is usually the last that precedes the birthing of the vision in the real sense. The vision has gone through death, burial and now resurrection.

Stage 6: is the birthing stage. You realize that things have come of age, maturity has set in, opportunity meets preparedness, the doors open without your forcing them down. You have been prepared, the time is right for the assignment, the equipment within you has been sharpened for this time.

Stage 7: is the actualization stage. You get cracking and deliver the goods. God is glorified and you are satisfied in your heart.

Stage 8: The multiplying stage – when others begin to benefit from your vision you have started the next stage of your vision. Every stage has its lessons and growth. God’s vision has always been for the blessings of others. You have to carry and allow it to be processed in you for humanity to be blessed through your vision.


God’s vision for your life will preserve you. You cannot kill a “visioner” who is on course with God’s vision for his life. You are protected within God’s vision that you are pursuing. The vision will keep you through all the stages of development. As you go through process the vision matures in you. Do not allow God’s vision for your life to be polluted with rivalry, competitive jealousy and carnal desires of the flesh.

The vision will cause you to grow as it grows in you. You will be bigger than unforgiveness and bitterness. It will also deliver you from insecurity and the things that plague people with small minds. The vision will give you what it takes to help the vision of others. It will deliver to you authority in life after you have passed the tests and wilderness experience.

God bless you as you let the vision speak, for it will not tarry.

Rev Kola Ewuosho

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