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What we do

Saving the lost, Churching the Un-churched and getting believer established in the knowledge of the truth

Word of Faith Christian Centre was borne out of a burden to see God’s people fulfil His plans and purposes for their lives. It started many years ago when God spoke to Rev Kola Ewuosho saying, “Go and create a forum where my children can flow with me in understanding”. At the time he was a Mechanical Engineering student studying at a University in Nigeria. A number of years later he met his wife Pastor Funke Ewuosho and shared his burden with her. This saw the birth of Word of faith christian centre. Today, they are labouring side-by-side to see God’s people flow with Him in understanding and wisdom.

Vision Statement
To raise a people of creativity and vision, working by faith and victory, seeing to the advancement of God’s Kingdom in every sphere. A people of integrity and transparent honesty, walking out to others for reconciliation and reaching up to God to be carriers of His will on earth.

Mission Statement
We are here to flood the earth with the knowledge of His glory, to bring people to a level of understanding that will enhance God’s purpose for their lives. We are here to walk in excellence in every aspect of life because we are trained and are training others to reflect His glory in character and in charisma.


The vision of Word of Faith Christian centre is to fulfil the will of God that He revealed to Pastor Kola all those years ago: “To create a forum where my children can flow with me in understanding.” It is the heart’s desire of the Ministry that all people come to the knowledge of the true God.