In this module you will learn how to win the battle of the mind and also understand God’s plan for your life. Our expectations is that you grow into the knowledge of Christ and experience God’s supernatural blessing on your life.




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FOWM has created The Wisdom Life Training Institute, which has its headquarters in Word of Faith Christian Centre, Kano Nigeria. It has been designed for believers who want to be trained and equipped to serve God to their full potential, enabling them to fulfill their destiny. The aim of The Wisdom Life Training Centre is to raise a generation of leaders that carry the same authority, vision, character and God connection that enabled people like David, Joseph and Esther to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. Students will work through a total of six modules, each containing three to four core courses. Each course is based on the Word of God and is designed to develop the character of each student so that they can operate at their highest level of excellence in both their spiritual walk and their secular sphere of influence.


As students work through the modules, they will gain a thorough understanding of the Biblical principles that they need to apply to daily living to achieve their full potential. Amongst these teachings, students will learn how it is essential to cultivate intimacy with God for them to embrace His will for their lives and tap into His enabling grace. Ultimately students will discover the deep sense of fulfillment that comes from walking in God’s will for their lives.


Module 1

The purpose of module one is to lay fresh foundations in the heart of a believer.


1.Apostolic Foundations


2.The Power and Role of the Mind


3.Winning our Warfare


Module 2

The purpose of module two is to prepare the believer for service in the kingdom.


1.Faith and Healing


2.Learning the Art of Prayer and Worship




4.Unleashing the Word of God’s Power


Module 3

Module three teaches the realities of the life of the New Testament Believer in Christ


1.Understanding Pauline Epistles


2.The Cross: The Place of Exchange


3.Eradicating Spiritual Confusion


4.Pressing into Christ-likeness


5.Developing Kingdom Mindedness


Module 4

Module 4 is designed to promote intimacy with God


1.Reprogramming Your Heart for Kingdom Breakthrough


2.Seeking the Face of God


3.The Ministry of the Spirit


4.Prayer Devotional Booklets (Speaking The Blessing & Daily Devotional Booklets)


Module 5

This module introduces the 5-fold ministry gifts and aims to develop spiritual sensitivity in the believer to the Spirit of God


1.Understanding the Apostolic


2.The Focus of the Prophetic


3.The Knower on Your Inside


4.Understanding Spiritual Covering


Module 6

This module builds on the foundations laid in module 5 and endeavors to equip the believer to live victoriously in a world system opposed to the things of God.


1.Behind Enemy Lines


2.Understanding and Operating in the Gifts of the Spirit


3.How to Be an Effective Minister


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