In view of our study on strategies for a victorious year, we highlighted the need to get rid of offences as they could hinder the flow of God’s Anointing in our lives. So we now looking at some steps that can help uncover and get rid of offences in our hearts. So we can enjoy the flow of God’s power in our lives.

Here are some steps to forgiveness…

1. Ask the Lord to reveal to your mind the people you need to forgive. Write on a sheet of paper the names of those who offended you.  If you judged that God offended you then you need to release Him as you need forgiveness from Him, not the other way round. Receive forgiveness from Him.

2. Acknowledge the hurt, and hatred you feel. State specifically for what you are forgiving them. (example, rejection, deprivation of love, injustice, unfairness, physical ,verbal, or emotional abuse, betrayal, neglect and so on).  State how their offences made you feel. Don’t bury your feelings- God knows. You are to forgive from your heart.

3. Understand the significance of the cross of Christ. The cross of Christ makes forgiveness morally and legally right. Jesus took upon Himself all the sins of the world- including yours and those of the persons who offended you. He died once for all. That is justice at the cross.

4. Decide you will bear the burden of each person’s sin. (See Galatians 6:1-2). This means you will not retaliate in the future by using the information about their sin against them. ( proverbs 17:9, Luke 6:27-34). All true forgiveness is substitutionary like Christ’s forgiveness of us all.

5. Decide to forgive. It’s a crisis of the will. A conscious choice to let the other person “off the hook” and free yourself from the past. God will enable you. Receive freedom from your past and healing from the pain. Make the decision. Let the pain go.

6. Take your list to God and pray the following: “ I forgive (name) for ( list all the offences and how they made you feel). Remember every sin of omission or commission.

7. Destroy the list. You are now free!!! It’s between you and God only.  Your freedom in Christ cannot be dependent upon others whom you have no right to control.

8. Do not expect your decision to forgive will result in major changes in other persons. Pray for them ( Matthew 5:44; 2Corinthians 2:7).

9. Try to understand the people you have forgiven but do not rationalize their behavior.

10. Expect positive results of forgiveness in you. In time you will be able to think about the people without triggering primary emotions.

11. Thank God for the lessons you have learned and the maturity you have gained as a result of the offences and your decision to forgive the offenders. (Romans 8:28-29).

12. Be sure to accept your part of the blame for the offences you suffered. Confess your failure to God and others. See James 5:16; 1John 1:9; Be reconciled to the person (where possible). Matthew 5:23-26. If they have something against you, try to be reconciled.


By Rev. Kola Ewuosho

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