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Restoring True Womanhood International Conference 2021.

International women conference is the Annual Convention of Word of Faith Christian Centre, Kano. Over the years, God has enabled Rev. Kola & Rev. (Mrs) Funke Ewuosho to impact thousands of women. The women conference is a time when the many daughters come back home to be refreshed . Every year, this gathering daughters takes…


In view of our study on strategies for a victorious year, we highlighted the need to get rid of offences as they could hinder the flow of God’s Anointing in our lives. So we now looking at some steps that can help uncover and get rid of offences in our hearts. So we can enjoy…


Everything in God has a purpose. God is a God of  purpose. He does nothing without purpose in mind. Purpose is the reason for being. It is the original intent in the heart of the manufacturer; in this case in the heart of the Creator. Every created being is created with a purpose to fulfill….


Your prophetic destiny is that which God has ordained for you! What God ordained for you is in God’s heart, waiting for you to discover and develop yourself so you can participate with God for the fulfillment of it. God has His plans for everyone He created! We have the power of choice to choose…

Ingathering 2020

Time is life and it cannot be chained or tied down. Is a great blessing that this word is coming in such a time like this in order to help us set a right priority because of the time we are in. Due to the recent outbreak of the world’s deadly diease “coronavirus” it has…

The Grace of Giving

Apostle Paul refers to giving as a grace, and I have found out that giving is a major key to the operation of grace in our lives. The attitude and stance of being a giver activates grace in the life of a believer. I am talking about the giving that is motivated by the love…

Living a Fulfilled Life

A fulfilled life does not happen by accident! A fulfilled life is one who has released all that God put into that life to benefit the human race! The potentials within have been discovered, developed and deployed to bring maximum value added to humanity. Purpose accomplished! Assignment fulfilled! God”s gift to us is the life…

Trusting God

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