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Theme: “IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE!“ (Isaiah 58:10b) Matthew 5:14″ Restoring True Womanhood International Conference comes up March 11th – 15th 2020.. #Anticipate… Enjoy this Snippet from last year’s conference…..

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About Word of Faith Christian Centre

WORD OF FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTRE, KANO was founded in 1987 by Rev. Kola Ewuosho. Then a graduate of Bible College, he had a definite impression that God will have him start a work in Kano-Nigeria. Like Abraham, he left family and friends to sojourn in a land  he did not know, just to fulfill the call of God.

Word of Faith Christian Centre is the result of obedience to God’s call. Located in Kano City, a predominantly Muslim City in Northern Nigeria. Word of Faith Christian Centre is an Apostolic Centre for World Outreach. With over 600 members, the church has the mandate to take Kano City and the nations of the earth for our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

To raise a people of creativity and vision, working by faith and victory,
seeing to the advancement of God’s Kingdom in every sphere. A people of integrity and transparent honesty, walking out to others for reconciliation and reaching up to God to be carriers of His will on earth.

We are here to flood the earth with the knowledge of His glory, to bring people to a level of understanding that will enhance God’s purpose for their lives. We are here to walk in excellence in every aspect of life because we are trained and are training others to reflect His glory in character and in charisma.

Go and create a forum where my children can flow with me in understanding. Those words define the mandate, vision and burden from the Lord that gave ‘birth’ to the Fountain of Wisdom Ministries. God’s mandate for us is to enable His people fulfil His plans and purposes in their lives on earth.


Saving the Lost

Church the Un-churched

Get believers established

Some Milestones


Ingathering is the annual convention of FOWM, held at Word of Faith Christian Centre (WOFCC), Kano, Nigeria. WOFCC was founded by Rev. Kola, along with his wife, Rev. Mrs Funke Ewuosho in the late 1980s. For decades, God has enabled them to impact hundreds of thousands of people, who are now in different places over the world. Many are now ministers of the Gospel and marketplace influencers. Ingathering is a time where FOWM churches, and many spiritual sons and daughters come back ‘home’ to be refreshed and equipped to disciple the nations of the world. If you would like to attend Ingathering 2024, please contact us via


International women conference is the Annual Convention of Word of Faith Christian Centre, Kano. Over the years, God has enabled Rev.Kola & Rev. (Mrs) Funke Ewuosho to impact thousands of women. women conference is a time when the many daughters come back home to be refreshed . Every year, this gathering daughters takes place in kano.


One of the goals of the Wisemens’ Network is to create an elaborate and intensive mentoring system and structure, designed to position men to be an all-round success in life. Many men do not realize their need to be mentored. Trial and error have led many men into mistakes that have been both costly and unnecessary. We have an annual conference that take place every May.

What is our call ?

Go and create a forum where my children can flow with me in understanding

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Sundays Service –9am



Bible Study –6:00PM



6:00PM – Intercessory Prayer



Church All-Night Prayer– 11pm
(Every last Friday of the month)


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