Ingathering 2020

Time is life and it cannot be chained or tied down. Is a great blessing that this word is coming in such a time like this in order to help us set a right priority because of the time we are in. Due to the recent outbreak of the world’s deadly diease “coronavirus” it has affected alot of economy in different Nations of the world. Interestingly, we are not of this kingdom but of the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s mandate to us is VICTORY! This year Ingathering is aimed at addressing and positioning us for the Victory that lies within us and also how we can plug into the reality of this truth and live a victorious life. This is a short clip of some of our pastors in Kano church encouraging us to stir to flame the victory on the inside of us and keeping all hope alive. This year conference promises to answer all questions bothering you regarding the victory you have in Christ Jesus. Don’t miss out, plan to attend and invite a friend too.

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We are committed to Saving the lost, Church the unchurched, and Establish believers in the knowledge of God's truth. Also, our mandate is to take the Nations for Christ,

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